Monday, February 18, 2013

Should I Buy This??? New Sigma Spa Make Up Cleaning Glove

As much as I love the process of make up application, one of the resulting chores that I detest the most is cleaning my brushes.  There never seems to be an efficient way of getting a really good cleaning done.  I usually spend about 30 minutes to give my most used make up brushes a thorough deep cleaning.

Sigma Beauty has introduced a new silicon Make Up Cleaning Glove in their Sigma Spa line and I am really thinking about giving it a shot.  There's a demo video from Sigma that shows the glove in action.  The glove seems easy to use and it seems to get make up brushes really clean in a breeze.  I'm just not having the "warm and fuzzies" towards it's price tag of $39.  There is an available 10% off discount code of BASE2013.

I'm really leaning towards ignoring my inner frugal goddess (aka cheapskate) and giving this glove a shot.  What do you ladies think?

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